Rental Conditions

Car Rental Conditionals and Renting Age
Age 21 for economic car section (Renault Clio, Fiat Albea-Linea, Hyundai Accent Blue, VW Polo etc.)
Age 27 luxury car section (Toyota Corolla, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat etc.)
Age 32 and to stay on top of 32 for VIP car section (BMW, Mercedes C180 E200 E250 etc.)
Antalya Car Rental Conditionals
It requires bare credit card pieces of information to mail order or 500€ deposit for economic car section, 1.250€ deposit for luxury car section, 1250€ deposit for VIP car section during car rental.
Duration of Driving Licence
Having a driving licence for:
  * At least 3 years for economic car section,
  * At least 5 years for luxury car section,
  * At least 7 years for VIP car section.
In order to look for preconditions on top in process of renting, you can only receive a vehicle with your driving licence, identity or passport.
Services and Products Included in the Price
Services and products that are on below are included in the price:
  * Avail of Exempted Accident Insurance Guarantee
Exempted Accident Insurance contains damages in a moment of collision. In the event of meeting the insurance conditions, it compensates the damages that occurred in collusion depends on which kind of car it is. This insurance doesn't include the damages that do not occur in collusion (parking lot, tyre, glass, headlamp).
  * Maximum Monthly Mileage Limit is 3,500km. There is a daily limit of 250km for rentals up to 7 days. Unlimited mileage is available at additional cost.
  * VAT (Value Added Tax)
Note: Our firm can make a price variance without report earlier, but price remains same in premade reservations. It is recommended to make a reservation beforehand for not to be affected from price variances.
Accident Insurance Guarantee will be void and damage will lie beyond the scope of insurance in the following situations:
  * Vehicle using by someone else except the name on paper,
  * Vehicle using out of conditions of use (vehicle using with high-level engine, bad road conditions or using flat tire, fill the vehicle with wrong fuel and similar cases),
  * Vehicle using out of traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limit, running a red light and similar infringements),
  * Vehicle using by under the influence of alcohol and drug,
  * Causing damage or accident because of freight in vehicle,
  * Careless and incautious vehicle using (not to do speed adjustment according to road conditions in rainy weather, not to follow ahead vehicle in safe distance and other similar usages),
  * Not to inform contact phone numbers that were given to customer about resultant accident or stealing situation instantly, leaving the car at scene of accident (except for  impeding condition by a doctor report),
  * Not to get required reports (traffic and alcohol report) from relevant authorities in the 48 hours on resultant accident,
  * Not return original car key in the event of vehicle stealing,
  * Not return vehicle without approval and in spite of end of the rental time,
  * Cause damage on car or opposite side because of freight in vehicle,
  * Damages on tire, car glass or headlamp are not included to Exempted Accident Insurance Guarantee. This insurance can be bought extra,
  * Amount of monetary damages to the third party is held covered.
  * Customer is responsible for amounts that out of the limit of covers.
  * Services and Products Not Inclusive in Price
1) The vehicle was given to the customer for a predetermined duration as long as complying with stated conditionals. Lessor agreed with returning vehicle likewise and on time that was written in the contract. Our customer can extend the lease duration by informing 24 hours in advance and adding required amount of money to deposit. Leasing term is at least 2 days and has a 400km limit. The vehicle can be rented for 2 days and limitless by paying %25 more if required. 
2) Lessor agrees and promises not to drive vehicle in situations that on below. In transporting all kinds of illegal stuff and other illegal acts,
a. Pushing or pulling another vehicle or trailer,
b. Race, speed limit, rally, motorsports,
c. On roads that shut for traffic or inappropriate,
d. Passengers overstated number by traffic laws and transport explosive material or transport out of baggage by any means,
e. Under the influence of drug and alcohol,
f. Transport passengers or commodity no matter what is payment.
3) Lessor must be 21 years old and must have a two-year driving license during preparing of contract. 
4) Lessor can't let third-party use vehicle without approval of Talia Rent a Car. The customer should register third party's identity, pieces of information of driving licence and should make him comply with the terms and conditions in this situation. A person who is driving the vehicle is responsible even if his signature is not in the contract.
5) Lessor agrees notify in a written change of abode to Talia Rent a Car. Otherwise, Lessor accepts that official notice to registered adress would be considered valid and he couldn't raise an objection in process of rescript.
6) Lessor is supposed to park suited for traffic rules in a safe, closed place when vehicle locked.
7) Lessor is responsible to pay elapsed time in case of not returning formal documents of the vehicle (Traffic Document, Certificate of Incorporation, Insurance, Plaques). Lessor is responsible pay expenses to buy new ones in case of absence of documents.
8) Payments to take the vehicle back and rent of elapsed time belongs to Lessor in case of towing reminder or confiscations by competent authorities becauase of lessor. Current market value of vehicle is paid by lessor to Talia Rent a Car in case of not taking back the vehicle.
9) Demage cost during traffic ticket and towing reminder belongs to Lessor. In situation of dispossession of vehicle by traffic, this period is incorporated into leasing term.
10) Lessor can't be held responsible for demages, loss or disability caused by manufacturing defect.
11) Vehicles can't be taken out of the country without allowance of Talia Rent a Car.
12) Lessor can't use his rights in contract against Talia Rent a Car.
13) Lessor and Talia Rent a Car show essential easiness, represent each other against third party in any case. Litigation expenses is shared within stated proportion.
14) Lessor agrees that his personal informations can be kept in Talia Rent a Car's firm file and his name can be written on warning list in case not to pay  a rent or not return the vehicle on time.
15) Vehicle can be taken back and payment can be given back by lessor from lessee in case not complying with the terms and conditions.
16) Lessor can dissolve the contract and avoid from extend the contract at any time without obliged to show reason or pay compensation.
17) Price of fuel belongs to customer. Renter receives a vehicle empty, delivers empty.
18) Lessor can do vehicle's periodic maintenance (oil change etc.) by applying Talia Rent a Car's closest office for free. When he can't this, expenses that its maintenance will be at service station would be sent back to him in exchange of bill which is named Talia Rent a Car.
19) Repair: Repair that consequence of normal use and  wear, expenses of spare part and tyre change blongs to Talia Rent a Car. Out of normal use and miss-use (using oil-free and waterless, freezing, tyre ware etc.), tow fee and working absence belongs to lessor.
20) Unless agree on written between customer and firm, any addition or change in these conditionals shall be deemed void.
21) Disagreements between Lessor and Talia Rent a car will be solved by Court of Antalya according to TC. Laws.
Lessor agrees to pay price of optional items that he agreed, price that can be show up at the end of rent and taxes. Deposit is taken by way of rental fee during the contract. Payments are paid in cash and at once. Lessor agrees to pay even not object to pay annual term deposit in delays. Rent for 2 days is calculated by way of 48 hours. Rent for week or month is calculated by way of 7 and 30 days. Delays which passed 2 hours is calculated as full-day.
A) Vehicles are insured by compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance. Talia Rent a Car undertakes indemnities in case standing of this insurance in every cases that third party demages involved. Claim for damages by third parties and their relatives blongs to lessee in over this situation. Talia Rent a Car reserves its rights of recourse.
B) Lessee is implicit responsible for payment of transportation, expenses and repairs of vehicle in case stealing or accident. 
C) But, lessee who agreed to pay primordial CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection) exemption premium daily, discharges from this responsibility by fulfil the conditions on below.
a) Lessee should report police in accident.
b) Since responsibility and judgement of offense belongs to competent authorities, lessee should tell how the accident occured and he wouldn't accept the offense and responsibility.
c) Lessee should deliver the Traffic Collision Report which is taken by police or constabulary to Talia Rent a Car in at least 48 hours. Lessee should report police and Talia Rent a Car immediately in case vehicle stealing.
1) Situations that not have alcohol and drug report,
2) Accident by someone whose name is not on contract,
3) Situations that driver is under the influence of alcohol and drug during the accident,
4) Situations that driver hasn't valid driving license,
5) Accidents as a result of violation of traffic rules and excessive speed,
6) Situations that driver has %100 fault and unilateral accidents,
7) Accidents and demages that occur out of within the time specified in contract,
8) Accidents and demages that can be occur during pulling-pushing-transporting another vehicle or living or lifeless objects,  
9) Accidents and demages as a result of trying vehicle's arrival, speed limitation and rally. Accidents and demages as a result of using vehicle at unsurfaced road during the motor sports or normal condition,
10) Accidents and demages that can be occur during the transporting baggage and explosive materials out of traffic rules,
11) Burns that occured out of insurance 
12) Burns and taints that occur on car upholstery,
13) Tyre wear as a result of miss-use is out of assurance and its responsibility belongs to Lessor,
14) All responsibilities that is occured by user are belongs to customer.
Long Time Renting (Fleet Leasing)
Special price is used on renting which has at least one month. Please call our central office for special rent prices.
Issues that Included and Not Included in Prices
Maintenance costs of vehicles, accident insurance, burglary insurance, breakdown help insurance, deliver to airport and take from airport services are included in price. Our vehicles are new model, they are well-groomed and guaranteed.
Fuel oil, baby seat and navigation are not included in price.
Payment & Deposit
Payment: Total amount payable is received during renting moment. Deposit condition is not looked for someone who has valid american express, visa, master card. 300€ deposit is taken from guests who don't submit his card number or who has no credit card and it is given back during return of rented vehicle. Reason of this deposit is that accident report has crime rate for lessee 300€  and if crime rate isn't on lessee but on other side, lessee has no payment responsibility. Every international rent a car firm have that law.
Traffic Tickets
Traffic tickets are belong to customer. In the case of impound of vehicle, this period is incorporated in price.
Receive and Deliver the Vehicle
It is free to receive and deliver the vehicle within the borders of city. 0,30€ (30 cent ) additional price is received per km for another locations.
Special Warning: Is the vehicle that you rented has AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE OF RENT A CAR?
You wouldn't face with any problem when you rent a car which has automobile insurance of rent a car. You should just learn which kind of insurance when you renting. Advice of Talia Rent a Car to you to rent a car which has automobile insurance of RENT A CAR for not get into a scrape for financially and judicial. Unfortunately, because our law hasn't legislate for inspection rent a car firms, many firms rent out a vehicles without rent a car insurance and they just say that they have full insurance. Naturally, this causes differences between firms that rent out a car with automobile insurance and RENT A CAR insurance. If you looking for quality service instead of cheap, you wouldn't face with any problem. Tyre wear, glass or headlamp breaking, Spare Tyre and Radio-Stereo stealing and demages as a result of using is out of insurance.
Important Notes:
Take accident and alcohol report by going police station or constabulary before change the location of vehicle in case of accident. Otherwise, all insurances which are bought would be considered invalid. All kinds of demages, financial and emotional damages to third party is cashed from customer.
Rented vehicle shouldn't be driven under the influence of drug-alcohol or out of speed limits. Otherwise, driver would be responsible for all demages and would be responsible for paying the days which the vehicle on service as a renting day.
Privacy Policy-I
www.taliarentacar.com requests some of your personal informations (name, age, hobbies, e-mail etc.) for serving better to its customers. These informations just exist within the scope of Talia Rent a Car for studies of periodical campaigns, activity planning special promotions for customers and for studies of "classification" aimed at not to send undesirable e-mail. taliarentacar.com don't share, sell or use for commercial the informations unbeknown to customer.
Privacy Policy-II
It construes movements and choices of customer except for personal informations. These statistical datas that not include personal informations can be shared with associates of Talia Rent a Car   on the purpose of providing more special and active market experience to customers of www.taliarentacar.com. Customer informations can be explained in case should be explained to official authorities when it is requested. It is not possible to change these informations by someone else. Payments are paid during the acceptance of vehicle instead of on system. Its service can be bought on mail order upon customers' request. For providing to you our valuable customers, your informations is not kept in server of Talia Rent a Car or another firm.